My Plants


Everyone loves the cheery, sunshine yellow of a Spring daffodil  and the dramatic colour of a tulip; these firm favourites look great in almost any setting, but there are lots more bulbs to incorporate in your garden designs. Bulbs can bloom all year round, it’s just a question of knowing the right bulb for the right season. I can help you select the right bulbs for the right spot to ensure year round colour.

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Grasses are a misunderstood and under-appreciated plant; many people hear the word grass and think of lawns, but this is doing them a huge disservice. Grasses come in all shapes and sizes. They vary from the dramatic height of the Pampa grass or Ophiopogon planiscapus ( black grass)  are robust plants that need little maintenance, and yet, when used well, can provide colour, shape and great impact.



My Favourite Plants

After years of working with a vast number of different plants, it’s inevitable that I would end up with a some favourites. A select few that always catch my eye and make me smile. Below are a handful of such beauties, for the rest please go to portfolio and select the category – My Favourite Plants. I hope you like them too.


Plant of the Month

The wonderful thing about gardens and gardening, is the transient nature of plants; just as one is dying, another is starting to emerge to take its place. This section of my site highlights a plant that should be at its peak at the moment. It could be a flower, a leaf, a stem, a berry or bark. For more information, please see my Portfolio and/or My Blog