Autumn Advice

Here is some free advice for you for the Autumn

I have put together some information that might help you with your garden through Autumn and Winter. This is a dull time of year but the following plants can brighten up your garden:

  1. Cyclamens
  2. Violas
  3. Primulas and Polyanthus
  4. Pansies
  5. Ornamental Cabbages etc.
Now it is important to prepare your garden so it is more beautiful next year. Here are a list of my top 10 projects I often do this time of year for my clients:

  1. Plant Spring flowering Bulbs
  2. Plant Autumn displays
  3. Add Organic compost to the plants
  4. Divide herbaceous perennials
  5. Cut back perennials that have died down
  6. Prune climbing roses
  7. Prune Acers, vines or various shrubs
  8. Move tender plants
  9. Clear up fallen leaves
  10. Create new borders or add new plants